How do I make a supplier payment using PingPong?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Step 1: Go to payment page Click “To a recipient” under PAY tab


Step 2:Fill recipient information.

You can choose added recipient or send directly to bank account. You can also add new recipient if this client will be regular paid to.   


Step 3: Wait for added recipient approved 

  • If you pay to a new added recipient, you need to wait until the verification passed. 
  • Required material: invoice involves trading details and amount related with undergoing transaction. 

Step 4:Fill payment information:  

  • Add amount, note, payment method, SMS code, PIN. 
  • Sender can choose to send email to verify as well. 
  • Payment methods: ① account balance; ② Manually transfer money from bank; ③ Deduct from bank account directly (ACH) ④ credit card. 
Notice: If you choose Manually transfer money from bank, the payment will be pending until you transfer the funds to the required bank account designated by PingPong. The pending time is 24 hours, if expired the payment will be cancelled. 

Step 5: Check payment records 

The payment can be checked in “transaction” under ACTIVITY. Click “send” you can get payment list. 



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