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How can I register a personal account?


Step 1: Access to website: https://business.pingpongx.com/entrance/signup?location=in. 

Click to “Register” and fill in your information.

 Step 2: PingPong will
send the activation
email to your email address that you registered with 

You can check your email and
click “Activate now” to activate. 

Step 3: After
activating the account successfully, you sign into your account. 

Step 4: Complete by filling in all

Step 5: Complete your
company information. 

Personal account must
have the picture of your ID card (ID/Passport) 

Note: Take a picture
with 2 sides of the ID card, photocopies
or notarized photo is not accepted. Note: Pingpong account holder,
Bank account holder and Name on ID card must be the same. Account holder should be 18years and above